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Since 2014 STRAZDIO produces various hemp and milk thistle products from self grown seeds. Hemp and milk thistle seeds consist of many valuable components, for example, unsaturated fatty acids and glycosides that are essential for remaining in physically and emotionally healthy shape. Currently STRAZDIO products can be found in largest fairs around Latvia, mainly northern Vidzeme, as well as in bakery's Liepkalni and pig farm's Kunturi store chains.


Hemp seeds are rich with unsaturated fatty acids, including Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9, which on a daily basis are necessary for human organism to function successfully. Traditionally grinded hemp seeds can be smeared together with butter on bread, as well as added to cottage cheese or porridge, while oil can be used with salads or as dietary supplement by taking spoon of it every day.


Grinded milk thistle seeds, as well as milk thistle oil are usually used as a dietary supplement, because it strengthens internal organs of human body. Glycosides, which are the most important substance of milk thistle seeds, restore and protect cells of liver and help to prevent viruses (like, hepatitis C) and cirrhosis. It is reccomended to eat spoon of grinded milk thistle seeds or oil every day for prophylactic purposes, but in case of serious ilness doses can be increased.


The extraordinary, healthy and tasty national food of Estonia - KAMA consist of finely milled oats, ryes, wheat, peas, and beans. On top of that we have also added a bit of STRAZDIO signature – hemp. Traditionally KAMA is eated together with yogurth or kefir, but as well can be added to delicious green smoothies. Nutritious components of KAMA make it rich with essential minerals (like, iron and magnesium) and B-group vitamins that stabilize human's nervous system and boost immune system.