Farm "Strazdiņi" was officially established in 1992, when initially it continued to fulfill legacy of its ancestors – grow traditional regional grains, like wheat, rye and oat, and practice animal farming. Nowadays STRAZDIO specializes in industrial hemp and milk thistle production, which have been farm’s main business since 2014. Altogether farm maintains around 50 ha of agricultural land from which 7 ha are used for hemp cultivation and 2 ha for milk thistle. From naturally bred seeds we further produce food products and dietary supplements, which we offer to customers in largest fairs of Vidzeme (north-central Latvia), as well as trough Liepkalni and Kunturi store chains. In these marketplaces we sell large variety of hemp products (seeds roasted and grinded in various manners and clean, cold-pressed hemp oil), as well as whole and grinded milk thistle seeds, and our friendly neighbour Estonian traditional food – KAMA flour.


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